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How It Works---Simple Steps

All orders will be charged through Paypal


Even if you do not have a PayPal account you can use any credit card to pay with no extra charge.


The Paypal order form will ask for a shipping address, but of course we will be delivering to the hotel or villa that you direct us to in the email on the contact page.

So you can use your mailing address if you choose.

Delivery fees are based on the amount of groceries bought.  This will be added at the checkout cart. There is a $100.00 minimum grocery purchase.
Groceries Bought- Delivery Fee
$100.00-$200.00            $25
$200.01-$400.00            $30
$400.01-$600.00            $40
$600.01-$1000.00          $50
$1000.01---                      $60





Step 1- Click or Scroll over "Shop" on the Menu                     to find all the Grocery Categories.

              You can  choose a package, and also

              individual items.                                                  


Step 2- Use any credit card to pay with PayPal,                      even if you do not have a PayPal account.             (You may use your home address for PayPal)


Step 3- If you are on a desktop the Delivery Form                will pop-up after purchase is completed.

             If you are on a mobile device the Delivery                  Form can be found on the Contact Page.


Step 4- We will send you a confirmation email                       within 24 hours, and arrange a time and                   place to meet with your delivery.


Important Info:

**You can put your order in up to one month        in advance, or the day before arrival.

**We don't deliver on Sundays, but we can         schedule for Monday 12~1pm

 **Delivery times are Mon-Sat 12-6pm 

** Deliveries outside of Cabo require $200              minimum purchase, due to distance.

**Refunds incur a 3% charge (PayPal policy)

Excluded Resorts & Areas

*Rancho San Lucas
*Hard Rock
*Playa Grande
*JW Marriot
*Four Seasons Resort
*Puerto Los Cabos
Refunds on orders placed for these hotels will be subject to the 3% PayPal refund fee.

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